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Horse Whisperer Missy Wryn

 Missy Wryn & Paco 

Missy & Paco

Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Horse Whisperer, Horse Trainer and HORSE POWER Speaker who has pioneered the WHOLE horse approach and training methods on the foundation of DO NO HARM.  From horse lessons to horse keeping Missy's acclaimed Training the Whole Horse® techniques demonstrate how to accomplish a safer relationship and deep rapport with horses.  As a speaker and clinician Missy provides her critically acclaimed HORSE POWER workshops and presentations at her Zen Barn, horse expos, fairs, shows and private barns.  Check out Missy's schedule on her Calendar of Events, or contact 888-406-7689 for more information.  YES we ship outside the U.S.A., for International ordering email

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All-In-One Bitless Bridle

Developed by Horse Whisperer Missy Wryn


Michelle C., N.C. writes - Missy, I had my first ride on Big Frank using the new All-In-One bitless bridle.  We practiced all our moves before we went, and he did beautifully.  I can turn him right or left with just a bit of leg and a slight rein tilt.  He stopped, backed up, galloped, did figure 8s for me and another more experienced rider Ann.  Neither of us could tell any difference in control from his bit rides.  I could tell a difference in him, though - he was more comfortable and quite happy

Linda C writes - Missy I bought 2 All-In-One halter bridles from you a couple years ago. Love them.

Charlotte W, Ontario writes - Hey Missy!  I took your advice the other day and also used your training methods on my mare and I'm happy to say that she is doing much better!  I know it takes a long time to really connect with a horse, but I can already see so many improvements!  Thanks so much for the training videos!  I have tried to find other good training videos in the past to help my mare improve, but they were all so expensive.  I'm so happy that I found your amazing calming videos for free.  I believe that you are making the horse world a better place, thanks for everything!

Kate S Vermont writesDear Missy, your DVD's, your bitless halter/bridle and your warm and generous spirit and energy have made an enormous difference in my training and working with my two draft horses.  I've spent several years reading and watching everything I can about training and have trained my beloved Suffolk gelding, Jake, all on my own.  But there's always been a little something missing in our bond, strong as it was, until I found your training DVD's and found the difference.  

Kelsey writes - so I decided to make a video just to say how much changing a way of training can do for you and your horse. Really means alot. Not all methods work for each horse and person. You just need to find the best one for each of you and it will help you alot and mine was Missy Wryn's HorseMAREship (I am so deeply touched Kelsey by your tribute and video, big hugs, Missy

Kelsey's Tribute Video

Great video Kelsey, thank you Missy


Laura, Arizona says- My two geldings are just models of what is possible with your training. The 'Second Alpha Mare' thing works like a charm. These boys get in the trailer by themselves - Literally!! and they fear for nothing. They trust me. Thank you!"

Allison H. Oregon writes- I am continuing to work on the ground techniques you showed me and they are all responding well. Everyone has been very impressed with the changes in Raz, especially with mounting. She still stands stiff as a statue for mounting and I am the envy of the barn! What a difference!



 Benny the Autistic Horse

Visit Benny's webpage to learn about his diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and his renewed life at the Zen Barn

Kathleen S, of Colorado I never really looked into what happened to Benny before he came to you. There are too many stories like this one, unfortunately. Very unfortunately. And these horses are SO darn blessed to have you find them and be able to 'Do No Harm' and ride with your most wonderful All-In-One Bitless Bridle. I still love mine and my horse is So soft with it, Missy. People, if they just took a small amount of time, and put a bit of 'feel' into working with their horses, they would find this beyond easy and gratifying. I will never put a bit in my horses mouth again.




Missy's article The Sentient Horse is featured in New Connexion




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