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Watch for FREE Missy's internationally recognized horse training videos here on her website.  Starting with the Training the Whole Horse® video advance to Five Fundamentals and Iron Free Riding.    

NOW AVAILABLE for FREE VIEWING Starting a Horse Under Saddle - 29 episodes and 2 horses.  No matter whether you are starting a horse under saddle or need to start from the ground up, this video series addresses numerous techniques to help you and your horse advance to a deeper relationship and a safer horse.

It’s important to me that every horse owner, trainer and animal lover have access to information that can improve the health and wellbeing of their animals and us.  It’s true our animals/pets affect our health and wellbeing - let’s take care of one another, human to human, human to pet, human to wildlife, human to nature, human to earth.   Helping people and their horses is my mission. 

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