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Specializing in problem and dangerous horses, Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Gentle Horse Trainer, author and clinician who pioneered the WHOLE horse approach and training methods on the foundation of DO NO HARM.  From horse training to natural horse keeping Missy's acclaimed Training the Whole Horse® program teaches how to accomplish a safer relationship and deep rapport with horses without using fear, force or devices.  As a speaker and clinician Missy provides her critically acclaimed Training the Whole Horse® workshops and presentations at horse expos, fairs, shows and private barns.

Missy explains, "98% of the problem and dangerous horses that come to me for training are in pain!  From physical to emotional pain we must get to the source of behavior problems before arbitrarily training the horse.  I will not be swayed from my position that GENTLE and BITLESS horse training methods make for a SAFER more responsive horse, and a relationship you've always dreamed of between you and your horse. To the status quo horse industry that uses force, pain and fear I say "WAKE UP the change is HERE! Understand there's no cosmic or woo woo about the effectiveness of GENTLE horse training. We stand united and will no longer tolerate the inhumane abuses.  My motto is Problems are not always training issues!".

about training the whole horse ®

I developed Training the Whole Horse® methods and techniques on the foundation of Do No Harm.  Specializing in Iron Free (no bits - no spurs) riding for both English and Western trail riders, I teach safer communication and control while maintaining your horse's dignity and an affectionate relationship between you and your horse.  Incorporating my Training the Whole Horse® techniques provides a full spectrum approach to your horse's well being both physically and emotionally that directly relates to training, communication and your relationship with your horse. From Rescue Rehabilitation to Retraining for Bitless riding I teach you and your horse the following:

  • Wholistic Joining - an alternative to round penning (NO fear - NO exhaustion)
  • Three Foundations that create a SAFER horse
  • Five Fundamentals that Translate Under Saddle for SAFER Bitless riding
  • Iron Free Riding
  • Trail Training

Training the Whole Horse® addresses the Source of Behavior and training problems by recognizing pain or health issues and providing appropriate veterinary care, equine dentistry, chiropractic, nutrition analysis, barefoot rehab and much more.  When dealing with behavior issues consider the SOURCE before arbitrarily training the behavior.

My motto is "Problems are not always training issues"






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Do you need assistance training your horses?  Missy travels to your barn and works with you and your horse(s) directly.  Missy believes working with horses in their own environment expedites understanding and promotes retention while providing working knowledge from the environment.



Missy offers consultations via Skype, over-the-phone, video and email.  To learn more click the button below


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Missy developed the All-In-One Bitless Bridle along with Training the Whole Horse® KIT, multiple horse training DVD's, books & art

Problems are not always training issues
— Missy Wryn

"I have decided that sharing my videos freely is far more important in these times when people are seeking authentic relationships and a Gentler Side of Horsemanship" Missy


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