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you are needed!

I receive requests from horse owners nearly everyday asking if I know of anyone in their area that works with horses using my Training the Whole Horse® GENTLE horse methods.  Are you ready to fulfill your purpose and become a Certified MASTER Gentle horse Trainer?   Complete the form below to schedule an over-the-phone interview with Missy to learn more about becoming a Certified MASTER Gentle Horse Trainer!

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Ariel & Chawn Kenavan

Ariel & Chawn Kenavan

Dear Missy, I am so excited to let you know that Ariel, the wild Mustang, finally got her hooves trimmed after 2.5 years.  It took me 6 months to get her to the point of allowing people to get close enough to her to give her a shot and she was calm as can be.  Now I am training her in the round pen and taking her for long walks. She is the best horse!  Before long she should be able to take the saddle, we shall see.  For every success story, I just can't thank you enough for the teachings.  It was my greatest decision when I enrolled in your certification program.  Thank you and I love you.  Chawn Kenavan Certified Level I Starting Under Saddle

to get started

all you need is a video camera or smartphone, access to the internet and access to horses that have had little to no training.  Becoming a Certified Master HOLISITIC Horse Trainer with Missy's program allows you to obtain your training and certification at your own pace and in your own home town, no travel required!

There are three Mastery Programs:

·         Starting Under Saddle Mastery Module I & Module II

·         Iron Free Riding Mastery Module I & Module II

·         Trail Training Mastery Module I & Module I

(certificates of completion are provided for each Module and a Master certificate is obtained at the completion of each program)

Each Mastery Program must be completed in succession as they build on the other to fulfill the requirements of becoming a Training the Whole Horse®  Certified Master HOLISTIC Horse Trainer.  Start with 1. Starting Under Saddle Module I and go from there.  Get a FREE Consultation with Missy to see if you qualify by completing the form on the left of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: To advance from Starting Under Saddle Module I you must demonstrate accomplished riding skills (maintain your seat and control at a walk, trot and canter) by submitting a video within 30 days of purchasing Starting Under Saddle Module II. 


The Starting Under Saddle Mastery Program is the first step in becoming a Training the Whole Horse® Certified MASTER Holistic Horse Trainer.  There are two modules to achieve Starting Under Saddle Mastery.  You must work with up to three horses that have little to no training (halter broke ok), have not been ridden or not been started under saddle and/or behavior problems for these courses.  Many students volunteer at horse rescues or sanctuaries working with horses in need to accomplish their certification, others are getting paid to train neighbors and friend's horses while obtaining certification. 

  • Module I you must demonstrate effective herd language, herd leadership, equine anatomy, and functions of the horse both physically and emotionally while preparing and conditioning the horse with groundwork and training techniques to prepare the horse for the saddle.

  • Module II is advanced demonstration of training techniques, in addition to riding under saddle bitless at a walk and with some horse’s higher gaits.

The Starting Under Saddle Mastery Program Module I must be completed before continuing to Module II and you must be a Starting Under Saddle Master before you will be accepted to the subsequent programs for Training the Whole Horse® Mastery Certification.  Enroll NOW >>


The Iron Free Mastery Program is designed to take the newly Started Under Saddle horse to the confident and trusting level of riding Iron Free (no bits – no spurs).  Expanding on Module II of Starting Under Saddle Mastery you and the horse(s) will learn and refine moves such as backing up, turning, turning on the haunch, turning on the forehand, drop rein whoa and the ever present emergency handbrake.   From the walk to the canter the horse’s emergency handbrake will be refined to the position of the safe and loving place when all else fails. 

  • Module I Program picks up where you and the horse left off from Module II of Starting Under Saddle Mastery Program. Understanding and refinement in the lower gaits as well as turns, cruise control and the emergency handbrake are the accomplishments of Module I.

  • Module II adds control at the higher gaits with emergency handbrake refinement along with confidence and trust in riding skills. Enroll NOW >>


The Trail Ride Mastery Program is the final course which Starting Under Saddle and Iron Free Mastery certification must be completed before acceptance into the program.  Upon completion of the Trail Ride Mastery Program and the subsequent Mastery programs you will be awarded and recognized as a Training the Whole Horse® Certified MASTER Horse Trainer. 

  • Module I is an introductory to the trail on the ground with the goal to complete under saddle.

  • Module II is the completion of Trail Ride Mastery with all three gaits displayed under control and controlled water crossing.

Each Module purchased you will receive instructions, lessons, course materials, access to resources and face-to-face Skype support/consultations with Missy.  Upon completion of each Module you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion in PDF and with completion of a Program you will receive a printable Certificate of Mastery in PDF.  Your profile will be added to Missy's Certified MASTER Holistic Horse Trainers website too, along with client referrals in your area.  If you purchase and Master all three Programs you will receive a final certificate stating you are a registered Training the Whole Horse® Certified MASTER Holistic Horse Trainer.  Enroll NOW >>



$895 per Module (curriculum included) Enroll HERE >>

$4,500 Complete MASTERY Program ($600 SAVINGS) Learn more HERE>>

*NOTE - you have 48 hours from the time of purchase of any modules and/or the entire program, to request a refund if for any reason you change your mind.  International trainers are subject to long distance charges for phone/visual/audio support.






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Chawn Kenavan

Chawn Kenavan

chawn kenavan

Certified Level I Starting Under Saddle Trainer
Temecula, CA Contact:
Trains & Serves Horses at Oak Meadows Ranch Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

Kinga Sebestyen

Kinga Sebestyen

kinga sebestyen

Training the Whole Horse® Certified Master Horse Trainer
Transylvania, Romania

Marie Delmarle

Marie Delmarle

Marie DelMarle

Certified Level I Starting Under Saddle

Colorado Springs, CO


Website: Equine Art of Being