here's missy's vitamin & supplement regimen Mon-Fri (NO weekends):

1 scoop Dynamite Vitamins #01000124
1 scoop Dynamite NTM Salt (natural trace mineral loose sale) #01000051
1 scoop Dynamite Premium E-Selenium #01000056
1 scoop Dynamite Free & Easy for my older horses #02000020
1 scoop Equerry Pro-Biotics for livestock (feed store)
1 cup rice bran pellets as the delivery


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dynamite vitamins

The state-of-the-art supplement reflects decades of research, development, and use by the top trainers in the country. It is a complete balanced formula containing enzymes, coenzymes, biocatalyst microorganisms, amino acids, cultured gut bacteria, vitamins, and bioavailable minerals. Users report increased competitive edge, better attitude, hoof growth, and bloom. This is our high selenium supplement, containing 1.75 mg per training dose and is the product favored by trainers of race, endurance, event, dressage, and other hard-working horses.

Natural Trace mineral salt (loose)

This is the finest, most complete natural salt on earth. It is mined from ancient deposits that were formed before modern environmental pollutants existed. NTM Salt contains no artificial ingredients, is dried naturally, and is free of additives, bleaches, and anti-caking chemicals. The daily foundation products are designed to cover 98% of what most horses need. The other 2% is a fine tuning and the requirements will fluctuate with stress, weather, changes in hay, etc. The Dynamite® Free Choice Minerals are included in the Dynamite Daily Foundation Program to provide the nutrients that horses would ordinarily be able to forage for themselves in the wild. We control what our horses eat and it is our responsibility to supply them with the vital minerals missing in their diets. For example, When horses are left to roam freely, they will forage plants growing in calcium-rich soils, and then travel miles in another direction to consume plants rich in phosphorus for the balance. A horse's natural instinct is to self-regulate. We recommend supplying all four of these products in separate, open feeders that are protected from weather so your horses can feed on them in a free-choice manner.

premium e-selenium

Our hay does not provide enough selenium and vitamin E for our area so my vet recommended boosting Vitamin E and Selenium.  If your vet has prescribed vitamin E and selenium, this is the product to use because it contains the most bioavailable forms of these nutrients and results are typically seen quickly. FOR USE UNDER GUIDANCE OF A VETERINARIAN.

Free & Easy

Truly unique to the industry, Free & Easy is a synergistic product designed to support the joints, cartilage, and ligaments. It contains a unique blend of targeted nutrients, aloe, Ester-C®, shark cartilage (providing chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and other co-factors), and associated catalyst elements. THIS PRODUCT MAY NOT SHIP TO CANADA.