holistic horse training course

Train Your Horse YOURSELF and SAVE Thousands of Dollars with Missy's HOLISTIC GENTLE HORSE TRAINING program.

Are you looking for an alternative in horse training that resonates with your personal values & ethics? Does the current mainstream style of horse training make you cringe with the use of bits, spurs, force and violence? If so HOLISTIC GENTLE HORSE TRAINING is for YOU! Upon completion of this Course you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Elite Team Membership of the Training the Whole Horse®TEAM!

You will learn Missy's COMPLETE Holistic GENTLE Horse Training program including how to START and RE-START a horse UNDER SADDLE with a NO BUCK POLICY! This program provides:

  • FULL access to Missy's Holistic GENTLE Horse Training with Starting Under Saddle streaming video series (4 hours of gentle horse training)

  • Lessons with downloadable resources

  • Submission of up to 4 videos of you and your horse for Missy's review

  • Up to 4 Face-to-Face consultations via Skype or FaceTime with Missy

  • CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION upon completing the course