equine guided reboot

Are you feeling ANXIOUS? Are you worried about the FUTURE? In our current culture does LIFE feel OUT OF CONTROL? Are you FRUSTRATED not feeling ON PURPOSE? Do you even know what your PURPOSE is?

If you answered YES to any of these questions would you be interested in experiencing an Equine Guided REBOOT?

You're probably wondering WHAT is an Equine Guided REBOOT? EGR is a 2-3 hour guided session at the Zen Barn where you will explore your deeper connections to who YOU are, and who YOU desire to BE, while clarity unfolds in a new way revealing YOUR next steps in your LIFE'S Journey.

Horses are used to deepen your Clarity and SET your PATH into motion..... They will strengthen your confidence while preparing you for your next steps in your LIFE'S Journey....... ALL are WELCOME - there is NO horse riding so ZERO Horse Experience is JUST FINE (SAFE horses are included)!

Weekend reservations are available - if you'd like to participate or would like more information complete the form below and submit

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Equine Guided Reboot [EGR]

Equine Guided Reboot [EGR]

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