Apatite Dragon Moon Egg

Apatite Dragon Moon Egg

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This Blue Apatite sphere is an amazing collection of colors and energy wrapped in Sterling Silver wire over Copper plus Rose Gold wrapped over Copper, embellished with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads. Blue Apatite is known for the energetic properties of Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, and Self Expression.  The primary Chakras are Throat, and Third Eye, and the astrological sign(s) are Gemini, and Libra. The vibration number is 9.

Blue Apatite energetically acts as a hunger suppressant. Simply wear or carry a piece with you throughout the day. Blue Apatite also eliminates blockages and returns the body to balance. Blue Apatite can cleanse the aura of cluttered energies, bringing a renewed sensation to the body.

Moon stand included

Size approx 40mm

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