Holistic Training Halter | Bridle

Holistic Training Halter | Bridle

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Having the RIGHT Horse 🐎 Training TOOLS 📐 makes ALL the difference when training whether starting a young horse under saddle or restarting an older horse 💫.   

As a trainer I start ALL Horses 🐎 in the Holistic Training Halter | Bridle so I can easily transition from groundwork to saddle work without having to take the Halter off!

Using this rope halter | bridle combination allows the horse to self-reward with an instant release of pressure whether training or riding.  As the saying goes “horses learn from the RELEASE of Pressure, NOT the Pressure itself”…..

SUPER SOFT Halter | Bridle, NO Wax, NO Stiffness, only 2 KNOTS carefully placed to reduce unnecessary stress on the horse’s face.  Hand-tied and Made in the USA with a single SOFT pliable poly-blend rope that has ADJUSTABLE side-pull loops placed just above the horse’s mouth for smooth communication under saddle. 

Includes 12’ SOFT Lead Rope (5/8” diameter) with Leather Popper on the end that attaches to the Holistic Halter | Bridle by an eyelet, NO METAL CLIPS, NO METAL LOOPS “Iron Free”……. 

Here’s what people are saying about their Holistic Halter | Bridle:

  • I started my horse using Missy Wryn’s Holistic Halter | Bridle and training videos three years ago.  I highly recommend her methods and her all-in-one holistic bridle/halter.  It is a great foundation to develop with your horse… we love it.  I purchased your DVD's and Holistic Halter | Bridle recently.  I started with flexion and disengaging and then used the rope bridle to lunge her which she did well with. I decided she was listening to me and it was time for me to try riding in the bridle.  I was a little apprehensive but I relaxed as we started going because she was more responsive in your Halter | Bridle than she had ever been with a bit in her mouth. Penny N

  •  I finally rode Grace in your Holistic Halter | Bridle around the yard. I can’t tell you why it took me so long to try this. I think it was partly getting over an old habit, partly fear of not having control, and discomfort with doing it “right.” But, I have been pouring over your videos (thank you so much for posting them for free) and have been practicing your “five fundamentals” with Grace every time we work together, whether or not I ride. Grace has gotten very relaxed and so have I.  Sherri M

  •  My mare came to me constantly shaking her head.  With soft hands we learned to trust each other and the head shaking got much better, but I could tell she still wasn’t happy.  Going Bitless with your Holistic Halter | Bridle was the best thing for us and we haven’t looked back.  She is so much happier and the head shaking is gone!  Happy horse Happy momma. Barbie LH

 Color: Black only

Add: Browband, Reins & Latigo String to create a COMPLETE set

7 Sizes Available: Standard Horse, Large Horse, Small Horse (Avg. Arab), Arab (Egyptian), Cob (Vanner, Fell Icelandic etc.), Draft (Clydesdale, Percheron etc.) - see OPTIONS below:

Are you unsure the size your horse would wear?  Rule of thumb order the size your horse is currently wearing for a halter.  Still not sure Click Here for Sizing Chart.  If you are still unsure of the size send an inquiry to Info@MissyWryn.com

WATCH FREE how to adjust your Holistic Halter | Bridle for a CUSTOM FIT!

Incorrect FIT? NO PROBLEM, exchange your Holistic Halter | Bridle within 30 days for the size that best fits your horse.

Download here the All-In-One Bitless Bridle Instructions

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Browband $19.95:
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