Fallen Star (Tektite) Labradorite Pendulum-Pendant

Fallen Star (Tektite) Labradorite Pendulum-Pendant

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The series continues with this hand-crafted Fallen Star Pendulum which is made with an actual piece of a fallen star known as Tektite.  This one-of-a-kind Fallen Star Ruby Pendulum is wrapped in Silver & Rose Gold wire weave, strengthened with Peridot, Amethyst, and Labradorite stones, on a removable chain that reflects the 7 Chakras with respective gemstones & pearls, along with a dangler of Indian Jasper, Jade, Onyx, Denim Lapis, Ruby Crystal and Silver Beads.  Super CHARGED from the Celestial Realm this Pendulum swings with the slightest subtle energies.   

Pendulum Size approx. 70mm

7 Chakra chain consists of Bamboo Coral, Orange Coral, Gold Swarovski Pearl, Aventurine, Lt Blue Swarovski Pearl, Denim Lapis and a White Swarovski Pearl


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