Crystal Sapphire Valkyrie Pegasus Wing Pendulum-Pendant

Crystal Sapphire Valkyrie Pegasus Wing Pendulum-Pendant

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This beautiful Pendulum is one of the Pegasus Wing Crystals in the Valkyrie series.  Wrapped in silver wire weave embellished with a Swarovski crystal and the Pendulum Pixie sterling silver signature puff Heart, on a removable chain representing the 7 Chakras with respective gemstones & pearls along with a dangler of Rose Quartz, Indian Jasper, Turquoise, Garnet, Blue Lapis, a crystal Rodelle, and Swarovski Pearls.

The Valkyrie Pendulums are intensely SUPER charged (Norse energy) and are responsive to subtle energies.

Pendulum Size approx. 50mm

7 Chakra chain consists of Bamboo Coral, Orange Coral, Gold Swarovski Pearl, Aventurine, Lt Blue Swarovski Pearl, Denim Lapis and a White Swarovski Pearl


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