training the whole horse® video series

3 Videos for 1 Month Rental of 180+ minutes Run Time $19.95

holistic gentle horse training w/starting under saddle video series

4 videos for 1 month rental of 248+ minutes run time $24.95

Training the Whole Horse® is "relationship & instinct based" training that works with the Whole horse. No matter whether you are a beginner or long time horse owner - no matter your horse's temperament, breed or type of riding you do you can apply these techniques that invoke your horse's natural instinct for quick and effective learning with a fun and safer approach.

Training the Whole Horse® DVD Series Includes: 

  • Training the Whole Horse®

  • Five Fundamentals

  • IRON FREE Riding

With Bonus Footage A Day With Benny the Orphan Syndrome Horse and Iron Free Riding with Paco & Missy

Approx. Run Time: 180+ min

Holistic GENTLE Horse Training with Starting Under Saddle DVD series receives Honorable Mention for Critical Information in a Training Series by EQUUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

 This DVD series teaches Missy's ENTIRE Training the Whole Horse® methods with the additional training in detail Starting and Restarting a horse under saddle from the ground up for a SAFER Horse & Riding!

The DVD Series contains 4 discs demonstrating from the beginning of “W”Holistic Joining to your horse accepting a saddle.

From dressage to trail riding Missy has over 20 years of experience specializing in problem and dangerous horses with her Training the Whole Horse® methods & techniques founded on DO NO HARM.

Run Time Approx 248 Min


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