Kim Novak

Kim Novak

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Not until I was facing knee surgery where I would be laid up for months.  The choice was leaving my young horse in pasture at home – OR – finding someone to expand his mind and improve his body.  This is where Missy came to the rescue.  She became his teacher in a clean and safe environment.  We stayed in touch regarding his progress and decided together how to proceed.  Missy taught him reliable responses to simple cues.  She slowed his youthful energy so that Poet and I were both ready to continue our special relationship – at an even safer and healthier pace than before my surgery!  "WE THANK YOU, MISSY!" Kim Novak

Molly's First Ride

Molly's First Ride

Chawn kenavan, certified level i starting under saddle

Chawn Kenavan, Certified Master Level I writes: I have so much to tell you. First I would like to thank you for your teaching.  Without the good basics, I have nothing to build on; you are one of my most respected and favorite teachers.   I have introduced your website to 3 volunteers at least from the rescue.  Everybody is so impressed with my work with the most difficult horses at the center, that they want to know who is my teacher.  Other news is Molly just started under saddle training (see attached pic with her first rider below).   She took 6 steps....   I am so happy, I know you would be too.  Thank you again for the training.  I will continue to help these special horses that have taken so much abuse from us humans.

Jane & Ty

Jane & Ty

Kelsey writes:  

So I decided to make a video just to say how much changing a way of training can do for you and your horse. Really means a lot. Not all methods work for each horse and person. You just need to find the best one for each of you and it will help you a lot and mine was Missy Wryn's HorseMAREship


Jane T Writes:

Jane T. writes: My experienced trail gelding has always hated his bit.  He would play with his bit continually on every ride. I knew he was miserable and so was I.  I tried other Bitless Bridles but I did notice some head tossing during my rides as you have described.  I ordered your All-In-One Bitless Bridle.  I pulled my boy out of the pasture and put it on him and took a 5 hour ride with my saddle club in the mountains.  He was perfect and I think very happy. Thanks, Jane T. and my Kentucky Mountain Horse, Ty


Colleen of the Natural Horse Network after the Teleseminar writes:

Oh thank you so very much. You really are a different trainer you know. You make people feel comfortable and that is so important. And as one person told me you put the horse first :) Colleen NHN

Catherine M. MN -

we were two rookies who took on a whole pile of "Appy-tude" with a dash of Arab sprinkled with Mare times two. We knew we needed help right away and found your site.  Your video's and free information have helped us immensely on our journey to become horse guardians...and stay in one piece :)  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge

Lee O. FL -  

the first time I walked with the horses and let them eat grass it was agony because I had to pull their heads up to walk a little towards our goal, and naturally they would resist.  I was worried that the owner would be wondering why I was not at the washing stall already, but didn’t want to hurt the horses yanking on their heads.  I remembered how you encourage talking to your horses so I tried it.  I merely, calmly, said to them, “Nancy does not want you to be eating the grass as we have to be on time, so you have two options.  Not to eat the grass, and we go to the washing stall quickly, or you grab the grass and walk while chewing it thoroughly and then do it again, so we can get there on time.  Don't forget to chew thoroughly either...”  Missy, they did JUST THAT!  They lowered their heads, grabbed a bunch of grass, raised their heads and kept walking while chewing - never once did they resist my walking towards the washing units.  Now, of course I realized this is not the best way for them to eat grass, and I am worried about colic, but just the fact that they understood EXACTLY what I said and did EXACTLY as I asked was so totally amazing to witness.  I just had to share ~ 

Aleri, Canada - 

Hi Missy - Thank you for your reply of appreciation for such a small donation.  If you only knew how many hours I've spent watching your videos and trying to emulate you in my little round-pen.  You must also know how your techniques have worked on my Canadian. He used to be an obstinate,  conceited, and high minded horse.  However, within a very short period of time he gentled; so much so that he now has enough respect for me that he listens. Now we actually get along very well, and I have been able to replace my dislike of him with love. These results mean far more to me than ten dollars!  Hopefully, I will be able to donate again more generously in the future. In the meantime, thank you so much for your invaluable instruction, and I am so excited to try out this bitless bridle...I'm sure that he will enjoy the change from a bit to a halter and reins too. 

Penny N. NH -

I just want to thank you for posting your free videos as I have been searching for quite some time for the most humane way to work with my Quarter horse mare, Sweetie Pie, (registered name is Fortunate To Have Me) which I am grateful for every day. She will be 7 in July and I sometimes feel that she resents me for some of the methods I have been shown to use in training. I am 52 years old and always rode growing up but not with any true formal instruction. Luckily I have always had good balance due to dance lessons growing up and being athletic. I purchased your DVD's and All-In-One Bitless Bridle recently.  I started with flexion and disengaging and then used the rope bridle to lunge her which she did well with. I had her outside but the wind picked up and threw sand at us which she spooked at a little and I got a face full of sand as well. I decided we should continue indoors so we went to the indoor arena and finished lunging. I decided she was listening to me and it was time for me to try riding in the bridle. I was a little apprehensive but I relaxed as we started going because she was more responsive in the bitless bridle than she had ever been with a bit in her mouth. She did shake her head somewhat and I wasn't quite sure what it was except that maybe she was trying to adjust to the feeling without a bit. I had been using a Myler, HBT shank which is a 3 piece milder bit with independent action on each side and she would take the bit but I always sensed that she would prefer not to. I was so happy yesterday when we were riding around the arena and she was responding quicker than ever.

 Sherri M. VT -

Missy, she did it!!! Grace has learned the mounting block!  I took your advice and broke the process into easy-to-handle bits (no pun intended), and this morning she stood like a little lady, and I climbed on. I haven’t tried from her other side, yet, but I will.  I also, finally, rode her bitless around the yard. I can’t tell you why it took me so long to try this. I think it was partly getting over an old habit, partly fear of not having control, and discomfort with doing it “right.” But, I have been pouring over your videos (thank you so much for posting them) and have been practicing the “five fundamentals” with Grace every time we work together, whether or not I ride. Grace has gotten very relaxed and so have I. I have a pretty balanced seat so today I just supported her with my seat as we did walk and trot circles around my baby chestnut trees (I don’t have a ring - yet - and am not interested in working in the round pen at this time).

Kathy A writes -

Hi Missy! ohhhh my! I wish I had brought out my camera hehehe, I did exactly what you suggested to do with Amber, and I cannot believe it, but she went from the back pasture, to the front pasture, (two separate pastures) and over a bridge and back to the back pasture again! It may seem like ok lol, but to me, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world right now! Before, she would only take a few steps and plant her feet, and did not want to move much, especially if she could not see where the boys were, (my two geldings).  I tapped her shoulder with the reins (since I forgot the little crop stick,) and every time I would feel her start to lift her leg, I would stop tapping and praise her like crazy lol, and after about 15 minutes of doing this with her, she finally walked right along without me having to tap after about every 10 or steps lol.   And above all this, it was in a halter with clip on reins and no saddle, just an anti slip pad that goes on my older gelding treeless saddle.   And yes, I did the routine that you suggest before riding, that is backing up, leading, move the hindquarters, and move the feet left and right.   And of course the flexing, but I am so excited Missy, I wish I could reach through this email and hug you right now, you have made Amber and me very happy.  Thank you so much for putting up your videos, because without you I would not have gotten this far so fast.   You are a true blessing, and as soon as I can make it to spare a few dollars I will email a donation to you, I don't have pay pal. I wish you can see what the world of difference you have made! Believe me, she is a total different horse after I started watching your videos almost a year ago.  Thank you Missy Wryn.

Michelle C. from N.C. writes -

Missy - I had my first ride on Big Frank using the new All-In-One Bitless Bridle.  We practiced all our moves before we went, and he did beautifully.  I can turn him right or left with just a bit of leg and a slight rein tilt.  He stopped, backed up, galloped, did figure 8s for me and another more experienced rider Ann.  Neither of us could tell any difference in control from his bit rides.  I could tell a difference in him, though - he was more comfortable and quite happy.

Charlotte W., Ontario writes -

Hey Missy!  I took your advice the other day and also used your training methods on my mare and I'm happy to say that she is doing much better!  I know it takes a long time to really connect with a horse but I can already see so many improvements.  Thanks so much for the training videos!  I have tried to find other good training videos in the past to help my mare improve but they were all so expensive. I am so happy that I found your amazing, calming videos for free.  I believe that you are making the horse world a better place, thanks for everything!